The Yellow-bellied toad is classified in critical danger of disappearance (CR) on the last red list of amphibians from the region of the Pays de la Loire because of the scarcity of these populations and their isolation.

The species is followed by the career of Ségrie since 2006 and its discovery by the LPOSarthe. These suivis are expanded over time and now make it possible to know the dynamics of its population as well as tracking the movement of individuals.

However, the realization of a genetic analysis on the population of the career of Ségrie and that of the sites of Vernie, station located just 5 km , confirmed the isolation of the applicants.

Since then a work on the restoration of ecological corridors has been undertaken as part of the regional declination of the National Action Plan for the Yellow-bellied toad.

A first phase has identified sites offering opportunities to perform restoration work, arrangements or even habitat creations for the species.

Following, an exchange is commited to the municipality of Ségrie to intervene on parcels belonging to them.

The project aims to continue the work engaged on parcels belonging to the career of Ségrie and adjacent to habitats colonized by the Yellow-bellied toad. It proposes to restore a wetland, create a pond and measure efficiency .

In order to complement this project , school animation will raise awareness of the children of the municipality.


Vidéo d'un marquage de Sonneur à ventre jaune

Vidéo illustrant les manipulations réalisées lors du marquage d'un Sonneur à ventre jaune

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First Yellow-bellied toads !

First individuals discover in the new habitats

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Premiers Sonneurs !

Découverte des premiers individus dans les nouveaux habitats

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The follow-ups continue...but make way for awareness !

School animation around Yellow-bellied toad

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Les suivis se poursuivent… mais place à la sensibilisation !

Animation scolaire autour du Sonneur à ventre jaune

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First night research !

Monitoring of new developments during the breeding of the Yellow-bellied toad

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Première recherche nocturne !

Suivi des nouveaux aménagements en période de reproduction du Sonneur à ventre jaune.

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Exit of hibernation !

The Yellow-bellied toad come out of hibernation and start to move to their habitat.

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Sortie d'hibernation !

Les sonneurs sortent d'hibernation et commencent à se déplacer vers leur habitat

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While waiting for the Yellow-bellied toad !

The work phase completed, the habitats are ready to welcome individuals

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En attendant le Sonneur !

La phase travaux terminée, les habitats sont prêts à accueillir des individus

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Des nouveaux habitats pour le Sonneur !

Création de deux mares et d'ornières pour le Sonneur à ventre jaune.

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