The first workshop is about observation of the landscape surrounding the quarry. One of the special features of the Blanquefort's quarry is the belvedere built close to the lake, in the restauration area. It’s an impressive place: when you are standing on the top, you can see the lake, the forest, and on the horizon the edge of the city. Quarry's workers join us for an explanation of the role of the quarry. Then, students are invited to choose different area around the belvedere, and to observe the landscape close to them and towards the horizon.

The second workshop consists in the inventory of vegetal on an area below the belvedere. The aim of this animation in to improve the knowledge of the participants about:
1. The vegetal recognition of current species,
2. The method used in environmental sciences to assess the ecological state of a specific area.

The third workshop is about water quality. Since the restauration site is composed by a large lake, the aim of this animation is to explain how scientists determine the water quality.
We explain to the students the differences between biological and chemical parameters to assess the quality of water sources.
Then, we focus or purpose on simple chemical parameters such as pH, dissolve oxygen, temperature, and salinity. Some samples of other areas are presented to the student for comparison with the quarry's lake water.