At first, we should visit the quarry with a head of the quarry/company Českomoravský Štěrk or spokesman of the competition who will give us all necessary information. We have to find out what all we are going to need, including the place and funding. The main aims of the project need a discussion.
In another part of the project we will create detailed schemes and texts contained in information boards. We find information for texts in the Internet. The accuracy of the information verifies prof. biology Eva Jirsová. We hope that company HeidelbergCement Group will lend us the entire materials for building (gravel, stones, rocks, conrete, etc.). If we have to cut down some trees, we will use them later for making some wooden aids. Then we want to contact a company which creates information boards for us. We think that we would be able to put every product on its right place and create a rock garden. If we aren't able to do that, we would hire specialized company.

Time axis of the project
Preliminary phase
- Early phase of the project
o find right place in quarry to realize it.
- Schemes
o detailed schemes.
- Information boards
Implementation phase
- Production
o Production of benches, table, information boards, Mr. Stony and other things.
- Building-up
o we or a hired company.
- promotional materials and a video about our project.