Starting with their arrival in May until their departure in September the Nussloch Quarry and its surrounding well-structured landscape offer a safe and versatile food supply for the birds. Within the first months there are plenty of Honey Bees and Bumblebees above the blooming rape fields. The beekeeping migration offers food at the beehives, even on rainy days. Cockchafer completes this offer. The Acacia blossom and the blooming Orchard trees are safe insect sources. During summer days Butterflies and Dragonflies can be found there, too. The luxurious flourishing Summer Lilac inside the quarry is a real Butterfly paradise. The streams in the flowering meadows and the watering places in the quarry are hatcheries for a lot of Dragonfly species. In high summer Hornets and Wasps can be found there, too. During the grain harvest even Great Green Bush-crickets are fed to the offspring. This continuous and extensive food supply and the existing breeding walls inside the quarry offer the best conditions for the birds to have a successful breeding season.