Our project proposes to carry out participatory maintenances on La Grande Bosse and Champmorin’s islets: Two will be realized with the support of Balloy, Bazoches-les-Bray and the surrounding cities’ residents, and one with GSM’s employees. The purpose is to manage herbaceous vegetation in order to preserve the pioneering character of islets, which will encourage the nesting of threatened bird species (terns and larids colonies). We would also like to involve local populations and employees into their regional development and the preservation of biodiversity.Worksites will take place during winter, before the return from migration of breeding adults, which occurs between March and April. Animations for residents, schoolchildren and GSM’s employees will be scheduled during summer to make them discover, on the field, the avifauna which benefits from management actions, and also expose their biology, their ecology and their particularities to participants.