In the Malerzowice mine area, there are two water reservoirs, as well as non-forest vegetation and single tree groups. They can constitute the potential of the so-called blue and green infrastructure. Water areas can be involved in water retention and provide a range of ecosystem services: provisioning, regulatory and cultural services. On the other hand, green areas by forming a microclimate, binding carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, mitigate the effects of climate warming. The aim of the study would be to indicate the form of management of the mine area towards the creation of blue and green infrastructure. The analysis of the form of reclamation would be preceded by a hydrographic research and hydrochemical analysis of the existing water bodies, determining the degree of their eutrophication, recognition of vegetation, dendrological analysis of trees growing in the mine, estimating the possibility of carbon dioxide sequestration by the current and potentially planted vegetation, and the valuation of ecosystem services. Taking care of the condition of nature will enable for more effective use of the recreational potential of places, among others as a resting place, and a site for fishing. Leaving the post-mining areas towards natural succession will also reduce the land reclamation and revitalization costs by the mine.

The research reconnaissance

Our first visit in Malerzowice mine. We arrived to recognize enironmental conditions on the territory of mine. It was the end of March; spring was just about to come.

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