On Wednesday, October 17th, Ciments du Maroc has organized in Safi plant the national awarding ceremony of the Quarry Life Award.

3 teams were in competition on the research stream for their project for Safi plant!

The first prize went to Professor Kabine for his biodiversity study in the quarry area of Safi plant about “Spatio-temporal overview of the fauna and flora species”. The project highlighted more than 150 flora species and 50 fauna species.

The second prize rewarded the project “Effect of limestone dust on eco-physiological behavior and biodiversity of natural and semi-natural vegetation” of Abdelghani Chakhchar.

The third prize went to doctoral student Hamza Zine for “Phytodiversity of the quarry: important potentialities and characteristics specific richness”.

Congratulations to the teams and thank you to Safi quarry for its support!