With the participative sciences program "A dragon ?? In my garden ?!", created by the CPIE of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, we demonstrated the ability of revealing the power of act of citizens. Indeed, directly involved in the inventory of species, the citizens develop their own naturalist knowledge as well as their awarness of their environment. This program was initialy based on amphibia, but it concerns now many other taxa such as butterflies, or dragonflies, which are bio-indicators of a good environmental state for wetlands.

Our project is directly inspired on "A dragon ? In my garden ?". We aim to develop participative naturalist inventories on the quarry of Blanquefort in order to increase the awarness of the citizens about this very special area currently in restauration.


Au travers d'un programme de sciences participatives intitulé "Un Dragon ? Dans mon jardin ?", les Centre Permanents d'Initiatives pour l'Environnement de Nouvelle-Aquitaine ont démontré la capacité à révéler le pouvoir d'agir des citoyens impliqués dans des démarches actives de développement des connaissances en matière de biodiversité. Initialement axé sur les amphibiens, ce programme c'est peu a peu étendu à d'autres groupes d'espèces (libellules, papillons...) indicateurs de qualité des zones humides.

Notre projet se propose de développer sur le site de Blanquefort des inventaires participatifs afin de faire connaître le potentiel du site et de faciliter l'appropriation locale du projet de restauration.

The QLA’s Jury visits the quarry

We were pleased to meet the QLA’s jury one week ago to introduce our project and discuss about the pursuit of our actions.

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The final contribution of the La Renney School's Pupils

We were pleased to receive by mail the contribution of the children from the La Renney School, and we wanted to share it with you.

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Animator Who?

We simply realized that we are incredibly rude…! We didn’t previously introduce ourselves. Here it is! Come, and meet our team!

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The last visit on the quarry for the high school Dupaty

The second visit on the quarry for the students of the high school took place on the 1st day of June. We decided to explore different scientific notions, to go deeper about the discovery of the quarry biodiversity in the restored area, related to what they learned during the first stage of our program.

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First visitors arrive at the quarry this month! - Les premiers visiteurs arrivent à la carrière !

After several weeks looking for the right audience for the visits on the quarry, we found three different groups interested in our project: • the elementary school of La Renney (age of the pupils: 9 to 10 years old), • the high school of Dupaty (age of the pupils: 11 to 12 years old), • a group of local citizen aware of the environment (adults). The first visits takes place during the beginning of the month.

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