The ENCI quarry  form an outstanding area of natural beauty in Maastricht. It presents ample opportunities for experiencing nature and leisure activities, as well as providing a unique facility for educational pursuits. The project combines nature and art education based on the ENCI quarry’s transformation process. It is intended for all interested primary schools in the Maastricht area and is a collaboration between Kaleidoscoop, the organisation for culture and art education, and the Museum of Natural History in Maastricht. The goal is to make pupils aware and help them take responsibility for their natural environment. Increasing their awareness and commitment will reinforce the guarantee that this unique natural monument will be maintained and preserved in a sustainable, future-proof manner. For children, the ENCI quarry is an exciting and enriching learning place. The paleontological discoveries can be seen in the Museum of Natural History. And that is not to mention the extraordinary natural environment around the quarry just waiting to be explored.Art education occupies an independent position within education, and is frequently used as a supporting and inspiring means of connecting various learning domains. By linking up with the ‘ENCI quarry Maastricht Transformation’ nature project, we expect to raise the ecological awareness of primary school children in Maastricht, to ensure that notions of sustainability become embedded as second nature.