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This project aims to facilitate improved communication and interaction between quarries and communities, with a focus on environmental rehabilitation on quarry sites. Community engagement provides benefits at every stage of a quarry’s life, for both the community and company. Communication, and encouraging community access to quarry information, fosters increased trust and education among the community. Community consultation assists in revealing community values, attitudes, and potential issues. Involving community groups in environmental rehabilitation activities reveals the significant environmental values of quarry sites and the measures quarries take to protect and enhance these ecosystems. A strong relationship with the community is invaluable when a quarry proposes to alter or expand operations.

This project will research and develop a Community Engagement Framework for use by the quarry manager. It will be a comprehensive practical guide informed by best-practice techniques and successful global examples. It will provide the quarry manager with a set of actions, timeframe, budget, and an outline of roles. Three guides will be created for different situations in a quarry’s life: when the quarry has no issues or applications on the horizon; 12 months before a development application; and during the development application process.

By developing the Community Engagement Framework, I aim to create a high standard of community engagement in the Australian quarry industry, to reap the invaluable benefits to community, company, and environment.