La Menophe is a temporary water course which passes through the St Maurice la Clouere quarry and flows into the river Clouere. Quarrying activity has allowed La Menophe to become a permanent river for more than 20 years and as a result welcomes a dense aquatic wildlife. 
However, in the middle of the river, old pipes are blocking the water flow, inhibiting the circulation of fish and sediments.  
It is evident that, with the advice from the regional authority and the drive to succeed the project will help with re establishing free circulation of species and sediments (mud, particles...)

As a result of three old pipes which have fallen down, the water levels have risen upstream, blocking the sediments which are now building up in front them. This blockage is damaging the natural habitat of the river species.

The objective is to remove the pipes and create a stone area which will stabilise the environment, allowing species such as pikes, typical of the Clouere drainage basin, to access spawning areas upstream.

The creation of a small spawning area (300 m2) is also planned in the left river bank.

Fishermen talk about Quarry Life Award - Les pêcheurs parlent du "Quarry Life Award"

A press article was published on the occasion of the local fishing association assembly - Un article de presse a été publié à l'occasion de l'assemblée de l'association de pêche locale.

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For General Information - Agir en transparence

Communication is as important as action for projects to be understood. - La communication est aussi importante que l'action pour que les projets soient compris.

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Locating the future spawning area - Localisation de la future frayère

January is the good moment to travel along the stream. Thanks to the recent and abundant rain, the level has risen enough to situate where the river burst its banks... -Janvier est le bon moment pour prospecter le long du cours d'eau. Grâce aux récentes pluies abondantes, le niveau est suffisamment monté pour observer les zones de débordement...

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